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How zamfara got its name

The early history of zamfara can be traced to this story of a princess called FARA. Fara was a lost but found beautiful princess, a daughter of Sarkin Gobir. She is light in complexion thus the  name was called Fara in huasa language.

Fara the daughter of the King was married to a man she dislike, and so one fateful sunny day, Fara ran away from her husband and entered a bush where she suddenly got lost.

However, a group of hunters found Fara in the bush and took Fara to their home at “Unguwar Maza” near Dutsi, (Dutsi was the first settlement of Zamfara Kingdom in Zurmi district where Zamfara rulers catch a niche and for seven years, they had no ruler).

While staying with the hunters, Fara felt comfortable with the hunters in those periods of ignorance and decided to live with them. And so for years Fara lived with the youngest of the men and eventually became pregnant by him. The hunters decided to take Fara home. They asked Fara the name of her land and Fara replied that it was “Gobir” one of the powerful kingdom in those days.

Meanwhile, few months later, the hunters took Fara back to her hometown where she gave birth after fourteen (14) days. The king of Gobir was very excited to see his beautiful young princess daughter Fara safely back home and therefore as a gesture of showing his gratitude, the king of Gobir gave the hunters all the piece of land at Unguwar Maza to the bank of River Niger. They called the land: “Kasar Mazan Fara” in Hausa language literally means “the land of men of Fara” and so Birnin Zamfara came into existence.

Finally, the Birnin Zamfara was built over the place where the beautiful princess Fara was originally found by the hunters.

NB: The story of the lost but found Fara, a beautiful princess daughter of the king of Gobir is said to be told differently by different local historians. But the one that sticks most is the story of Fara, a daughter of Sarkin Gobir. With the story, it provides a lesson in history via short story genre about the etymology and origin of the name Zamfara and the present Zamfara state and the progenitors of the Zamfarawa which started from Dutsi – Birnin Zamfara – Kiyawa – Sabon Gari and then Anka finally. 

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