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How Ex – Governors get their pensions

Issues around salaries, pensions and gratuity and the mode or consistency of their payments by states  especially  pensions for retired public servants have recently assume different dimension depending on states ability and inability or capacity to pay as when due.

An NGO, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Projects (SERAP) recently released pensions being paid to Ex-Governors in states. Even though the tables did not show the amount of money in cash they received, the details show that states assemblies has approved various incentives to the former governors.

As other public servants are struggling to get their pensions payments regularly and up to date, former state governors are having added advantage and are not known to supper same fate. As for Zamfara state the organisation SERAP has published the details of added intensives for life to zamfara former governors as follows;

–        Two personal staff

–        Two vehicles, replaceable every 4 years

–        Two drivers

–        Full medical for the former governors and their immediate families in Nigeria and abroad

–        Four bedroom flat in Zamfara

–        A furnished office with free telephone, and

–        30 days paid annual vacation

What is not clear is whether apart from the above items if the pensions as approved is paid regularly and the quantum of cash paid monthly or annually to the former chief servants.

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